the Franchise Purchase Plan from The Staples Law Firm

The Franchise Purchase Plan from The Staples Law Firm The Franchise Purchase Plan from The Staples Law FirmGET THE LEGAL ADVANTAGE


The Staples Law Firm is unique in the marketplace. Unlike our competitors, The Staples Law Firm is a tax and pension law firm, not a marketing organization that acts as a middleman marking up the services provided by others. Those organizations are in violation of state laws prohibiting the unauthorized practice of law and are endanger of being shut down by state bar associations.

Experienced Professionals

Professional assistance from The Staples Law FirmThe Staples Law Firmís work is done by experienced lawyers, not data entry clerks trained to do a specific task but have no real concept of the totality of the project or expertise with the income tax and state laws that will impact the project.

Three Important Issues

There are three important issues which must be considered when deciding what type of entity should be used to buy your new franchise. They are:

1. current tax advantage
2. tax advantaged exit strategy
3. liability protection.

The proper structure will utilize all three to design the best structure for the client. Our competitors only focus on accessing the money from IRAís or old retirement plan accounts without regard to the unintended consequences of their actions. As a result, their clients are unprepared for the tax and liability problems that will confront them sooner or later.

A Partnership in Growth

Since we are a law firm, our representation only begins with the purchase of the franchise. We know that our clients will grow and their need for more sophisticated retirement plan design and tax planning will increase. We also know that many of our clients will acquire and sell other businesses. We have represented many clients in the acquisition and sale of a business, which is challenging because of the tax and liability issues involved.

Always the Best Counsel

Our approach is to act as a consultant when determining which approach is best for our clients. Not all clients may need our assistance, and we will be the first to tell them.